About Us

Twinkle, Twinkle Shining Stars!  

The passion and mission of Virgo Starlight is to help everyone embrace their own beauty, and to shine in life with peace, love, unity & respect.  

Starting with jewelry, you will find pieces that are absolutely beautiful, featuring a wide variety of gemstones, quartz, turquoise, sterling silver, gold-plated sterling silver and even Ancient Roman glass, Bali, Italian & African artisan creations and Bohemian & Native American inspired styles that will remain meaningful to you for years to come.
These jewelry collections are meant to help you show off that extra sparkle you already own!  There is simply nothing quite like the feeling of wearing one of your favorite pieces of jewelry, receiving it as a special gift from a loved one or receiving compliments on the piece(s) you're wearing.  Here at Virgo Starlight, you will be provided a wide assortment (new products will continually be added) of beautiful jewelry, both affordable & fine selections, with pieces to suit all budgets. 
Beauty does not necessarily equate to makeup or "covering" imperfections.  Those imperfections are what gives you character and make you an extremely unique starchild.  Shine bright like the star you are, showing off your unique beauty, by adding a touch of sparkle to your wardrobe.  
Your unique beauty is shown in ways other than your aesthetics.  Be beautiful by living a positive, happy, healthy life, with as much laughter as possible.  Be nice.  Treat others with respect, kindness & gratitude.  Create a tribe of unity, tolerance, honesty acceptance & forgiveness. Take care of yourself.  Become one with nature, hearing the sounds of life that surrounds you... listen to the music of our Mother Earth & the vast Multiverse from which we are all created & united as one.  Embrace your whole being... the physical & the spiritual.  
To help guide you on your path of a positive, healthy, beautiful & peaceful life, along with jewelry, I will be starting a blog to discuss many topics which have helped to inform, inspire & motivate my own soul's journey in this physical life, along with information on proper care for different types jewelry to make it last a forever!
So, why have I chosen jewelry?  It's quite simple, actually.  Being a Starchild of Virgo, which is an Earth sign, I have always been fascinated with rocks, stones, including gemstones, crystals & Quartz, etc.  With that comes a love of jewelry.  And, pieces without stones, gems or crystals & Quartz, such as sterling silver & gold, are a huge part of that love, as these come from the Earth, as well.  
You are officilly invited to be part of the Star Tribe!  Let us go through our journeys together, learning, sharing thoughts & ideas, emotions & knowledge, being peaceful, loving, united and respectful to others, until it is time for our souls to return home.
Shine on & Stay Bright with Peace, Unity, Respect & a Loving Light,
Virgo Starlight